Order of the Fallen



Losing their wings and immortality as the Lords of the Light cast down the sinful angels during the Great Purge, the fallen remain trapped upon the prison world of Earth. The Fallen Five created the Order of the Fallen to guide those souls who had lost their way. Seeking redemption and a return to the Heavens, the Order has taken it upon itself to teach the civilizations of Humanity about the Light and the path of peaceful prosperity.

However, travelling the road to redemption is a difficult path requiring the sacrifice of a many noble souls to achieve. The hardship in promoting the selfless struggle in the face of persistence evil is a weary war to fight. Those of the Order of the Fallen are beginning to feel the grip of mortality grow stronger, yet the followers of the Light must surge on. Faith must remain as hope begins to disappear.

As time leaves fewer and fewer to carry the burden, all pray their sacrifice will not be in vain.