Empire of Chilsa



Created out of a world that only knew hate, chaos and death, for the Chilsa there is only the glory of the empire. Tribal warfare waged between the thousand clans and their warlords for centuries until one champion out of the fires. Weilding the powers of a dark god, Nuor destroyed his enemy in a vicious campaign that drenched the land in blood. With a vile ruthlessness the world had never witnessed before, few were able to withstand the hate of Nuor.

Now the shimmering sea of silver steel covers the horizon as the Imperial Army gathers for the upcoming storm. As the descendents of Nuor completed their imperial expansion to the edge of the Endless Oceans, only the last free nations of Metzon and the first born Kyllordic stand between the Chilsa and continental conquest.

Diplomacy, deception, murder or war. Any and all for the glory of the empire.