A Mortal Mistake

Book I: Heaven, Hell & Humanity

A Mortal Mistake


Three distinct civilizations of Humanity struggle to carve a place in the world of their birth. Two factions of fallen angels imprisoned upon Earth for Sins they will not speak of wage a war among the shadows. The immortal powers of Heaven and Hell continue to clash in the Eternal War. All intend to stake a claim in deciding the fate of the Earth and those who call it home. But it shall be a mortal who will shape the fate of both the mortal and immortal realms.

As the legendary Fist of Metzor returns from his banishment to the Desert of Lost Souls, the world shall tremble as the power of his presence becomes felt upon the civilized world once again. The true impact one’s choice have upon their own lives, those of friends and family, and the world around them shall be revealed. Unintentional as they may have been or not, the choices made can have dire consequences as their impact reverberate through the world.

As the interconnected tales of those trapped within¬†the Fist’s immense shadow come to collide with the few strong enough to oppose such power, the characters that inhabit the mesmerizingly beautiful world of Earth will be forced into an intense and violent struggle for survival. Flee or fight, no one shall escape from the dark storm that is spreading. All shall be plunged into a war that shall take the mortal Humanity to the brink of extinction. Once mistake can end a life. Once mistake can unravel a cause that thousands have sacrificed their lives for. One mistake can bring the ends of the world as one knows it.

One true question will remain, which mistake shall be the mortal one?