Creator of H3 Trilogy

Raised alongside two brothers on a small farm outside the small village of Chauvin, Alberta, the remoteness of country living was a gift. Surrounded by wide open spaces and being graced by farmer-vision (two TV channels) and no computer or internet, there was little choice but to build a imagination. Kicked out of the house for driving his poor mother crazy, a stick often became a gun or a sword and a new world was created. Writing small stories, drawing pictures, creating worlds with vivid imagination and creativity, Vince has been writing and creating things for as long as he can remember.

Vince’s love of reading started early with the works of Michael Crichton (most particularly Jurrassic Park), Tolkien’s acclaimed Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Homer’s the Illiad (Achilles & Hector – the two greatest immortalized warriors of history) and the endless Star Wars Empire (Hey, one can’t argue with a 4 billion dollar franchise). Reading anything from fiction, non fiction and autobiography, many others influencing authors include Robert Lundlum, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, and recently George R.R Martin and his Game of Thrones series (even before the HBO series was released). One of Vince’s current favorite authors is Steven Pressfield and his historical fiction including Gates of fire (King Leonidas and the 300 Spartan’s sacrificial story), Virtues of War (Alexander the Great’s conquest of the known world) and Tides of War (The epic story of the great Athenian General Alcibiades who fought for Sparta). All these books inspired Vince to build powerful characters that shape the world around them. To take readers to a inspiring world that will leave all in a sense of wonder and awe. And lastly to build complex story lines with multiple characters woven together to create a epic yet beautiful story.

The story of H3 had already begun in 2009 as a couple images and a thousand ideas. Juggling between work, family, friends and play, the book idea was slowly growing. When an accident resulting in incomplete paraplegia changed the course of life, Vince was forced to return to something that had previously given life so much pleasure. Among the endless sessions of physiotherapy, there was little to do but think, dream and create. In that moment, the world of H3 really began to grow. The image became a compelling scene. That single scene transformed into complex story. That story grew into a trilogy. That trilogy evolved into an intricate and complex world. Now after four long years of thinking, creating, writing, editing, rewriting, a brother’s critiquing, rewriting, editor critiquing, Vince’s own critiquing….well you most certainly get the picture. But in the end, A Mortal Mistake, the first book in the intense Heaven, Hell & Humanity Trilogy was at long last finished. And yet it is only the very beginning.

Knowing what he has now unexpectedly created, Vince intends to dedicate fully to the growth and exploration of the H3 world. With story lines created for multiple trilogies and dozens of characters, all that remains is to bring it all to life. Vince currently splits his time between the peaceful countryside of the family farm and being at the tranquil cabin upon the lake. When not reading and writing, Vince enjoys swimming, keeping up to date on favorite TV series and hitting up the movies.