Books of the Heaven, Hell & Humanity Trilogy

A Mortal Mistake

Book 1: New Revamp Released 2015

A Fallen Redemption

Book II: Released 2016

An Ancient End

Book III: Writing Phase – Anticipated 2017

About H3

Angels, Demons & Humans
Three distinct civilizations of Humanity struggle to carve a place in the world of their birth. Two factions of fallen angels imprisoned upon Earth for sins they will not speak of wage a war among the shadows. The immortal powers of Heaven and Hell continue to clash in the Eternal War. All intend to stake a claim in deciding the fate of the Earth and those who call it home.

The H3 world is driven by story lines woven together with a complexity matched only by that of true life itself. A depth of ancient lore stretches from the Birth of Angels through the Great Heavenly Purge to the Rise of Humanity, leaving the Days of End difficult to see even for the immortal Heaven. Trapped within a stunningly beautiful and unique world, all shall either endure the coming storm or wallow for eternity within the Black Abyss. Powerful, emotionally driven characters are intertwined in a dance with death as each seek to carve out their legacy. At a rampant pace, this is new complex fantasy fiction trilogy has been designed upon a unparalleled level of imagination. All has only begun to unfold.

Beginning with a mortal’s mistake, Humanity is about to rediscover a world forgotten in time. Fear none knew existed within the growing darkness shall be awakened. A Mortal Mistake is the beginning of the epic journey in the final fight of good vs. evil. Moving at a breakneck pace, all sides of the conflicts are shown as each seeks its own purpose for the world of Earth. It is final tales of Heaven, Hell, & Humanity.

About Author

Creator of H3
The creator of the Heaven, Hell & Humanity trilogy is the young author, Vince Seim. Having spent over a decade crafting a skill set in world building and character creation, the H3 Trilogy is the culmination of all his story ideas and concepts. Slowly brewed over countless years, once the shackled imagination was released there was no stopping it. The H3 dream began as a single image. That simple yet compelling image turned into a powerful climactic ending. That emotional ending quickly transformed into a complex story. That intricate story exploded into a entire trilogy. The first trilogy evolved into the unbelievable H3 World. A world that will now take a lifetime to tell of all it has seen and been forced to endured. As an ambitious Canadian writer with a robust and unique imagination, A Mortal Mistake is the first step of what hopes to become a titan in the fantasy fiction world.

As he has watched the world of H3 has evolved, Vince hopes his writing will follow the same path. Entrapped by these visions of H3, the patience for proper development is a constant struggle. However, his firm belief in the story and what it is truly capable of becoming are what continues to drive him forward. When not attempting to improve his writing skills, Vince spends his time in the empty countryside where imagination and thought are uninhibited. Or in the pool attempting not to drown. Vince currently plans on entering isolation or his ‘hermit’ mode to hopefully produce the rough draft of the third and final book of the Heaven, Hell & Humanity trilogy. The first trilogy of many more to come.

Order of the Fallen

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Kingdom of Kyllordia

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Brotherhood of Sin

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Empire of Chilsa

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Kingdom of Metzon

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Personal Crest of the Fist of Metzor

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