Kingdom of Metzon



Born out of the ashes of a violent and bloody revolution, the Metzonian people have bore the hardship of the past with a deep pride. Toiling within the dark soils that lie beneath the golden Numelli Plains, the farmers and stone masons live and die with their land. Carving their cities out of stone to immortalize their kingdom for a thousand years, the sprawling cities are visible to visitors for days as they travel across the wide-open plains.

The thundering of thousands of hooves rumbling amongst the great clouds of dust inspire fear amonst its enemies. Courageous few choose to face the blackened barbed steel that march out from the gloom. Fiercely defending their borders against the Emperor Neurus and the endless Chilsa Empire army, the wise King Masen Metz ensured his people remained free from tyranny.

But while the Metzonian people may be free from one tyrant, another shall rise from within…