Kingdom of Kyllordia



First civilization of Humanity to be born upon the Earth, the kingdom of Kyllordia has slowly drifted into obscurity since the ancient days of the sea dragons. A secretive society that reveres the beauty of nature as its people hide amongst the expansive forest of the Ardane. Never feeling the harsh touch of war, the elegant cities have been declared wonders of the world as they follow the path of nature. Growing and evolving as their beloved forests, the vibrant culture of art and wisdom is everything.

But within that wisdom, the Kyllordic feel the world change around them. Words fall upon the ears of the deaf and ignorant as the world grows darker. Such fate shall lead the noble people to flee their wondrous cities to ensure the future of their culture continues on. For survival and the future of their children. Many shall remember the distant days of the dragon as they flee for their lives. But it is the very essence of nature that all that lives must eventually die.