The World of Heaven, Hell & Humanity

Home to Humanity.
Prison of those cast down from the High Heavens.
An insignificant world trapped within the universal war of the immortal realms of Heaven and Hell.

With three distinct civilizations of Humanity, two factions of fallen angels, and forgotten demons and ancient angels of the past, every action has an impact upon those that inhabit the world.
Those inhabitants of Earth are surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes including the thousand waterfalls of the Lifebringer within the Alakari, the golden plains of the Numelli and the great forests that protect the Dragon Kings of Kyllordia. Equally forbidding are the bone chilling realms of death within the sandy Desert of Lost Souls, the acidic rainstorms that hover over the Black Jungles of Valkadia, and the volcanic Wastelands of the Aedonica. The beautiful world and the distinct cultures of the H3 trilogy is something that desires to be experienced and explored.