About the Heaven, Hell & Humanity Trilogy

The Heaven, Hell & Humanity trilogy is the epic fantasy fiction created by Vince Seim . Fast-paced with a turmultously violent storyline, the trilogy depicts the eternal struggle between good and evil. A struggle that will decide whether the Earth and its inhabitants continue to bath in the peaceful Light or descends into Darkness that leads to eventual destruction and a painful death.

The world of Earth is not as we now know it to be, for it once was a prison world for the dissident angels of Heaven. Cast out from the High Heavens for sins they will not speak of, the fallen angels of the Order have cast the beacon of Light over Humanity for centuries. Beneath the wisdom of the Fallen Five, the civilizations of Humanity have flourished within the period of peaceful prosperity.

But there are those among Humanity who have begun to resent the power the fallen angels have over their mortal worshippers. And the Order of the Fallen has many dark and forgotten enemies lurk within the shadows, seeking vengeance for crimes of the past. Those of the fallen who do not wish for redemption in the eyes of Heaven, but wish to watch it burn.

All watch with eyes to the stars, both anticipating and fearing the day Heaven will return to judge their souls. Until such a time, the world shall spin upon its eternal path as those upon its surface wage war, seek power, search for redemption, and struggle for survival.

The first book of the series, A Mortal Mistake, showcases the power a single mistake can have upon the future of not only the individual, but his family, friends, and enemies. Mortal mistakes not only affect the very fate of Humanity, but can also have an impact upon the immortal realms of Heaven and Hell.