Visual Mercenary

The Visual Merc of H3 Studios

Raised on a ranch in Central Alberta, whenever Chance was not outdoors he was found with a pencil in hand. An avid fan of cartoons and comics growing up, he enjoyed the works of Bruce Tim of the Batman: Animated Series, Greg Capullo’s Spawn, cover artist Jeff Scott Campbell of Danger Girl fame, as well as Michael Turner for his Aspen Comic Book Series, but his artistic style has remained his own.

After pursuing the hockey dream that enthralls so many younger Canadians, Chance decided to attend the Art Institute of Vancouver for two years studying 3D Modelling for Animation & Games. Following it up with a stint at Gnomon School of Visuals Effects in LA, California for 3D Character and Creature Creation, he eventually chose to forgo the video game career and return home.

Working as a freelance artist of his own C3 Creation near his hometown, divine interventions brought the talented individual into the realm of creative genius, Vince Seim. Searching for an artist to do the cover of his first book, A Mortal Mistake, Chance was immediately hired to do the follow up covers for the rest of the trilogy. As Vince’s infinitely long H3 Project Pipeline continued to grow, Chance’s roles have also expanded well beyond the visual. Becoming an integral part of the story and editorial process, his input greatly enhanced the characters and created a more vivid and detailed story world. Effectively trapped within the H3 web, Chance slaves away alongside the spider in what could possibly the greatest combination of creative geniuses since the days of John Lennon and Paul McCarthy. The partnership between C3 Creation and H3 Studios is just beginning.

When not fighting off bears with his own fists, playing hockey, or catching up on video games, Chance Clark is chiselling away on drawing out the countless characters of H3.

He is also secretly Batman, but don’t tell anyone. You can follow him on various social media sites: twitter – @Visual_Merc, Instagram – @visual_merc, and the C3 Creation Facebook page.