A New Beginning

A New Beginning

New Years is often considered the end of a chapter. The start of a new year, the start of a new beginning. A opportunity to think and dream about what you want from the upcoming year. The endless potential of a new year has always grasped our imagination. The New Year is also a reflection upon the past. Often not always as productive as we had hoped for, the writing progress in the H3 Trilogy is no exception. However, there are always the small pieces or moments that are far more important than we give credit. While An Immortal War did not get released, something far more important may have occurred.

In the summer of 2014, the loyal visual mercenary Mr. Clark was graced the first draft of the second installment of the Heaven, Hell & Humanity Trilogy, and a highly coveted item by the eager readers who finished the first book. His accolades were overwhelming and inspiring but his praise was not the true prize. It was his insight into the characters and story. Questions, suggestions and fresh ideas occurring in the newly implemented peer edit process resulted in subtle but profound improvements. Improvements that raised the book ever further. The second book, which was always touted as where the trilogy would hit its first true stride, will undoubtedly be the first powerhouse of H3 Studios. It also brings up new questions and concerns.

What about the humble beginnings of A Mortal Mistake?

As a creator, there are always going to be aspects you wish you could change. Moments of regret or ideas you were unable to truly grasp. When you speak to people and they remark about certain issues, it eats at you. The entire premise of A Mortal Mistake is exactly that, mistakes. All are unfortunate and never intended, leaving little choice but to learn from them. A painful perfectionist, simply learning was not good enough. Not for what A Mortal Mistake means to me nor what the story was supposed to be and truly capable of becoming. Potential left untouched, the greatest mistake one can ever make.

As an author, you do not always have the same freedom as other creators. An app developer releases constant revisions and edits to fix and improve with a simple and cheap update. A manufacturer can often revise their product and fix it when the old breaks. Everyone simply accepts it as normal. But too often for an author or artist, the perception is different. Perfection is unfairly demanded. You are left with one crack at the bat. Succeed or fail. Perhaps better luck next time.

Although I would very much like to be expert writer, a renowned word slinger, there is always a starting point. Receiving much appreciated support and feedback from those faithful readers who trudged to the end, all was taken into consideration. One tried to learn from the mistakes while resolving to fix them. With a limited release there rested an opportunity however. After much silent contemplation, thought and difficult discussions, an eventual decision arose through the agony. Recreate. Rework. Reedit. An opportunity still existed to resolve those lingering issues. To fix and enhance what we created. Bring A Mortal Mistake to the next level before we relaunched for a bigger audience.

With that in mind, the fall was spent, not on finishing the end of the trilogy, but reworking the beginning. Self attested story and lore lovers, Mr. Clark and I added an entirely new level of story depth. We remolded seemingly shallow characters while further enhancing our true power characters. Typically edits are meant to shorten books, but that was the wrong approach for such a character heavy story such as A Mortal Mistake. Something that is truly epic should not be shortened or cut down simply for the sake of conformity. Certainly many will disagree with the length, but most will hopefully understand and appreciate going against the norm was the proper call. All that being stated, fear not, the epic story remains the same. But through a new level of character development, those who loved the first book will discover a new appreciation for the story. Any who have yet to pick it up will be enamored by a more cohesive and deeper story.

The partnership with Mr. Clark will yield an entirely new perspective and story enhancement one mind is simply not capable of. A stream of visual works via depictions of the favourite H3 characters shall flow forth. A project pipeline consisting four trilogies, hundreds of characters and environments amongst other amazing products. 2015 shall indeed be the beginning. The re-launch of A Mortal Mistake 2.0 is slated for April 16th when H3 Studios makes it first appearance in public at The Calgary Comic Expo. One of the largest and most well known comic and fantasy expos in Canada.

For all those who loyally stood beside us, purchased the first book and have patiently been awaiting for the second, all is greatly appreciated beyond words. Your patience will be rewarded. A resolution and resolve has been cast to attempt everything within reasonable measures to create the absolute best product. The end resolution is to create a constant and consistent improvement. We are not going to miss the opportunity presented to improve upon our first work. Mistakes were made, lessons learnt, but now we are on the correct course. Mr. Clark and I have resolved to go down this path with a strong belief in what was created. A resolution that grows stronger the more we work together to create and build the foundation for the H3 Empire.

2015 shall be a big year for H3 Studios. A new and exciting beginning.



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