Writing Frustrations

Writing Frustrations

As the past couple weeks of writing progress on Book III have begun to slow down, I begin thinking about how to jump start myself once again. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to get on the writing roll I had hoped for. In fact, the past couple nights I haven’t done any writing at all. For an impatient person who understands the scale and scope of what he is trying to create, it can be more than a little frustrating when it doesn’t flow. But sometimes a person needs a break.

After I finished a Mortal Mistake, my brain literally kicked my mind out and slammed the door. After endless months of editing, it had finally had enough. Flipping me the bird, it simply needed to step away for a while. As much as I desired to keep momentum flowing and immediately start on the second book, my mind wasn’t in it. Like poking a hibernating bear with a stick, it just wasn’t moving.

My move to the lake this summer was all about writing. Clear myself of all distractions and focusing on nothing but writing. The goal was to finish the rough draft of Book III, set myself up so I had a book in the bank while I progressed with other aspects. The goal still remains intact, but personal deadlines continue to loom. You can’t rush greatness, yet it would be nice if you could produce forward momentum of any aspect.

A large part of the problem would be my ability to write only at specific times or when a particular feeling strikes. It remains one of my most frustrating aspects. The odd day I will be able to write a bit in the morning, but typically it doesn’t strike until 7 pm at the earliest and runs until midnight. And just when you’re in the groove, ideas are flowing and your accomplishing things….then the body says ‘bedtime!’ As for the rest of the day, you spend it burning time until that mood strikes. Being at the lake with a beach and warm weather…one can’t complain too hard. But in reality it’s bloody painful. Particularly when all you want to be doing is working on your project, pounding out chapter after chapter so you can move onto the next step. Even my writing ritual elements are unable to provoke.

Music has always been one of my primary ritual factors. When I listened to specially selected songs, my imagination would click in and the visualization would take over. However, I’ve come to discover that at the 800th time though the song doesn’t hold the same power. Some last longer than others, some fade quickly. Trying to discover new music that creates the same feeling is incredibly difficult. The evening tea often produces a slight burst of energy but not enough to ignite the spark. Sitting at the table, inside, outside, laying on the swing, perhaps I should start hanging myself upside down?

In truth, perhaps a short break is needed from successive righting. There remains a tonne of work to be done on the H3 World that involves other elements. Further character development, timeline structure and detailing, editing of story content amongst the endless other tasks. To be honest it’s mentally exhausting simply to think about. But the best way for me to become inspired once more is to come up with new story ideas, new characters. But as exciting as the future is think about, at the end of the day the work still needs to get done.

The creator still has to produce the content. But maybe next week will be better.





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