Evolution of the H3 World

Evolution of the H3 World

A while back now, a good friend was over when we ventured down into the basement that is my writing lair. Almost no one from the outside world ventures into my secret little dungeon. My small little writing corner with its two tables covered in books and bulletin boards swathed in maps, pictures and writing materials pinned to it. This includes the entire timeline for the Heaven, Hell & Humanity Trilogy.

Explaining to my friend about how it is used to keep track of how the story unfold, I also mentioned it was quite an outdated version. For the last few months I have been quietly expanding the H3 Historical Timeline as I do more in depth character and story development.

The story and world have evolved far beyond what they once were. While some writers are spontaneous, I am a planner to the core. I like creating character descriptions and story timelines, drawing emblems, characters and of course many maps. Knowing what happens later in the book helps me organize my thoughts and details. With a project as large as the H3 trilogy it is a necessity.
Maps have always been one of my favourite parts of books. Pretty sure Michael Crichton’s map for The Lost World set that desire in stone. A map can be the most useful tool for a reader to get a general layout of the world. The dynamics of the world are greatly dictated by where one’s place is.The H3 World recently took a major map expansion, roughly quadrupling in size, as I did further development in the fallen angel’s War of Beliefs. With the landscape and visual wonders of the H3 world being one of its most beautiful aspects, this map expansion certainly does not disappoint. The most difficult part will be keeping them secret until the next trilogy.

Comprising of roughly two or three sentences and a date, all the events of the H3 Historical Timelines add up to a 56 page document now. This quick glimpse of events spans from far before the Birth of Angels within Heaven, through their demise in the Great Heavenly Purge, directly into the bloody War of Beliefs between the Fallen and the Sin right into the Rise of Humanity. Then of course starts the actual events of the Heaven, Hell & Humanity trilogy.

Encoded within the timelines are the recorded events of the complex history of the three mortal civilizations of the Kyllordic, Chisa and Metzonians. As well as the fallen angel factions of the Sin and Order. Within each civilization is the distinct history of events that shaped its development and beliefs. Generations of heroes and villains that rose and fell through the passage of time. Once I started, I couldn’t simply stop with the mortal realm of Earth. As if my project wasn’t already ambitious enough, I continued on to the immortal Realm of Hell and its eternal war against the Dominion of Heaven. Always what I wanted to showcase and explore the deepest, it was the immortal realms that I feel the truly endless possibilities and opportunity for story evolution. Unfortunately I have come to realize it will be decades in the telling.

The next major step in evolution happened when I, by complete chance, discovered the art and visual talent of Mr Clark who was able to bring to life the many elements of H3. Probably one of the most talented fantasy armour designers, when I gave Mr. Clark the rough outline of what the Fist of Metzor’s armour was meant to be, it came with my crude little drawing. When he was finished transforming it, one could feel the power oozing from the pores of his flesh. Feel the dominance thundering through his veins and shadow of terror he would inspire upon the battlefield. His work brought my own visualization to the next world and inspired me to go back into the story to further evolve the characters. Amongst all the various future projects we have planned, lets just say that the unexpected addition of Mr. Clark’s talents will have been the pivotal factor and moment in H3 history.

All of these tools help me keep this enormously complex and massive story grounded. When I think of what I have unexpectedly created, the sheer size and magnitude of the H3 world continues to astound me. Continuing to grow and expand as I develop more of the story lines, its intimidating to think I have only scratched the surface.

As my readers are only beginning to venture into what I created, I am filled with excitement at what is to come. All the secrets kept within the dungeon lair, scribbled on tiny pieces of paper, hidden away in notebooks have all come together at last. After I have spent years crafting this story and watching it evolve, it is finally ready to slowly be released. And yet it is only the beginning. It always is.

But evolution never ends.

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